Prefeb Homes

Instahom is the home which can be made instantly with no time and effort is needed. Only the solid ground is needed to install these home and cottages. These structure are unique in nature of their strength and quality these are made in few day but the life of these structure are life long.


Fibreglass made wall and roof panels Fibreglass is the strongest material after carbon fibre. fibreglass is being used to make swimming pools, yachts water park, boat and other products which are suppose to be in harsh kind of weather conditions.


Mild steel ribs and framing. Steel frame is being used to make multi story buildings which are covered in cement and other material to last long. instahom using the fibreglass coating for the same.


Glass wool and foam are being used for insulation which protect the structure against heat, cold and rains, sound insulation, water proof, heat proof.


These home and cottage are built in factory and assembled at site. The installation of these homes are from few hours to few days depending on site condition, size and shape of structure. These structures can be shifted, reinstalled in no time and cost of that is negligible.


FR structures from outside and inside. WP-180 km/hr. 1.5 ft snow weight, termite proof antifungal, anti-bacterial. No painting needed. IR resistant. completely safe surface and non reactive material.


Flexibility in design for single or connected structures. Multi story is possible.